Our Keats Southwest facility, located in El Paso, Texas, was opened in 1994 in response to customer requests to open a location that would better serve the maquilladora assembly market and the Southwest United States.

Keats-Southwest-MachineryKeats Southwest is one of two locations for Keats Manufacturing, which was originally founded in 1958 and is headquartered in Wheeling, Illinois. Continuing the same principles of integrity and quality control, Keats Southwest produces high precision, small metal stampings used in a variety of applications including automobile and home appliance.

We currently have 45 employees at KSW who have the experience and training to handle complex and complicated parts. To learn more about our industry-leading facilities and how we can serve your custom metal stamping, wire form and assembly needs, contact us today.

Keats Southwest (El Paso, TX)

• 45 employees
• 36 four-slide and multi-slide
• 11 metal stamping presses
• Equipment from Nilson, Baird, Stamtec, Bliss and Niagara
• Operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
• Can handle any size order from prototype to 50,000,000 pieces

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Quantity Type
1 Minyu CNC
3 Baird
5 S1F Nilson
2 752 Nilson
5 33 U.S. Baird Multi-Slide
1 2000 Wunsch
1 35 Ton V&O
1 60 Ton Johnson, Niagara
1 100 Ton Bliss
Quantity Type
1 0 Nilson
3 S2F Nilson
16 28 U.S. Baird Multi-Slide
1 15 Ton Minster
1 35 Ton Perkins
3 45 Ton Stamtec, Walsh
1 90 Ton Bliss
1 60 Ton Minster
1 150 Ton Niagara