During our 50 years of metal stamping experience at Keats Manufacturing, our team has seen projects of all sizes. Our multiple locations and sophisticated prototyping services can easily accommodate orders of up to 50 million parts. Just as with any order, our customers can expect the highest possible quality of small, precision, metal stampings, wire forms, and assemblies.

Facilities and Operations

IMG_4510It’s been a long time since Bert and Glenn Keats opened their two-machine operation on Chicago’s northwest side. Today, Keats Manufacturing offers two unique facilities — one in Wheeling, Illinois and the other in El Paso, Texas — with over 142 state of the art metal stamping and wire forming machines ranging from 1 to 150 Tons of die pressure.

Keats Manufacturing, Wheeling, IL

The 110 person staff in Wheeling operates 24 hours a day, five days a week. Their 76 four-slide and multi-slide machines and 12 metal stamping presses include equipment from Baird, Nilson, Niagara, Minster, Stamtec, Bihler, Bruderer, and Walsh.

Keats Southwest, El Paso, TX

With 40 four-slide and multi-slide machines and 23 metal stamping presses, the 45 employees at Keats Southwest also operate Baird, Nilson, Stamtec, Bliss, Bruderer, and Niagara equipment — and more. Operating in three shifts around the clock, five days a week, high volume orders are part of standard service at both facilities.

Find the full equipment lists for both locations here.

Industries and Applications

With dedicated operations 24 hours a day, our customers receive quality support all day, every day. Our four-slide, multi-slide, and progressive die stamping press technologies serve a wide range of industries with high-volume production, including:

  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Appliance
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Communications
  • Military
  • Construction
  • Furniture

Standard Services

Our team combines technology with craftsmanship for every order. We engineer every tool and die used at Keats Manufacturing, beginning with CAD/CAM designs. With the skill of 25 expert die makers, five EDM and CNC machines, and tireless sampling and testing, our tools offer truly exceptional custom quality. And even with rigorous testing, the running job lead time at our facilities is less than one week.

Consultation and Quality Assurance

Keats Manufacturing is dedicated to providing exactly what our customers demand: nothing but the best. Both the Wheeling and El Paso operating facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and TS 16949 compliant, and operate with the strictest adherence to go above and beyond these specifications for our customers.

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Engineered for Efficiency:

Keats utilizes best engineering practices in order to produce all parts in the most efficient way possible. We understand the critical nature of keeping material costs down especially on high volume orders. Our engineering team not only designs tooling in order to utilize the least possible amount of raw material, but also designs processes to flow properly which results in producing, inspecting, and packaging parts lighting fast. Keats advantage over our competitors lies in our ability to design and build high quality tooling for every type of metal-forming equipment available. Be it Four-Slide, Multi-Slide or Progressive Die, each type of equipment has it’s advantages. Keats can even design tooling to use raw material stock that is exactly to part width resulting in little to no scrap. Working with Keats from start to finish on a new part will always result in the most efficient process possible.

To learn more about our prototyping services and custom work with high-volume orders, contact the Keats Team today. We look forward to working with you.