Keats Southwest is an industry leading manufacturer of lead frames: specialty parts that can be used as microchips as well as help carry signals from within the die to outside environments. Keats Southwest lead frames are used in a number of applications in industries as diverse as microelectronics to automotive.

lead-terminal-3 (1)As the El Paso, Texas-based branch of Keats Manufacturing Co., Keats Southwest is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and TS 16949 certified manufacturer of lead frames of any size and shape. Whether for a prototype or for suns up to 50 million pieces, we can provide you with the lead frames you need for your project. Our custom services include:

  • Pre-post, selective, and precious plating
  • Secondary forming with selective plating
  • Wire bonding
  • Just-In-Time delivery
  • Custom in-house tooling that allows for production of multiple parts at one time
  • Open 24/5 to get your jobs done quickly and efficiently

The latest in Four-slide, multi-slide and CNC machinery, combined with years of expertise, allows Keats Southwest to produce custom lead frames of the highest possible quality that meet the exact requirements and specifications of your project. We collect comprehensive data throughout all of our processes, facilitating final inspection and ensuring that you receive high-quality products quickly, efficiently and at an accessible price.

Contact Keats Southwest today to find out why our  company is the perfect choice for all of your custom lead frame needs.

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