At Keats Southwest, we pride ourselves on the precision metal stamping expertise at the core of our enterprise. This expertise allows us to design and develop essential stamped components and subassemblies for a variety of applications in a wide range of industries, from micro-miniature parts to larger components that are far more intricate.


Custom Metal Stamping Capabilities

Keats Southwest is capable of producing prototype runs and high-volume production runs of over 500 million pieces. We can produce components for a variety of different applications such as electronic connectors, thrust washers, sensor components, and surface mount pins—all through our precision metal stamping capabilities.

Our production methods are numerous and comprehensive. The methods we employ include four slide and multi slide stampings, progressive die stamping, and deep drawing to produce sheet metal parts or metal accessories.

Custom Metal Stamping Case Studies

Why Keats?

At Keats Southwest, we take great pride in our ability to turn projects around quickly and reliably. Our high-quality parts are multi-functional, lightweight, and always deliver the best performance for your project.

Additionally, we can tailor every part to your specification, with the ability to add threaded, countersunk, numbered, or embossed features on each of our stamped products. We engineer all dies and tools in-house, which allows us to maintain tolerances as tight as up to 0.0005 inches, until the end of the production run. Our die makers are capable of using state-of-the-art EDM and CNC machines to expertly manufacture high-quality tools.

At Keats Southwest, we take quality control and quality enhancement very seriously. We employ such quality control processes such as inline statistical process control to ensure the highest possible quality in every stamped product we manufacture. We additionally employ vision systems with inline machine sensors to identify any defect.

Visit our portfolio for all our capabilities, and contact us today to tell us how we can partner with you for all your metal stamping needs.

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eBook: Design & Manufacturing of Precision Metal Stamped Medical Device Components

The shift toward smaller, more intricate parts for medical devices has required the traditional metal stamping process to evolve in order to meet the needs of precision stamped components. In every step of the design and manufacturing process, metal stamping for medical device components can be improve for manufacturability.

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