Keats Southwest is an industry leading manufacturer of custom shields of the highest-quality possible. Our custom shields are widely used across a diverse range of industries and applications, including automotive, aerospace and defense.

Keats Southwest’s custom shields offer a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Knurl patterns
  • Diamond imprints
  • PCB
  • Split and Butt seams
  • Protection from heat shields
  • Minimum and/or zero gap and interlocking features
  • Radio frequency
  • Four Slide/Multi Slide stamping press technology
  • Just-In-Time Delivery
  • 12-member quality control team
  • Wide range of sizes (ovals, rounds, tall and small)

Keats Southwest offers the latest technology innovations, which include CAD/CAM, and five EDM and CNC machines. We are also proud to count in our team 25 of the industry’s most experienced and expert die makers, each of whom are dedicated to creating dies and tools of unparalleled quality.


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